• 100˚

    One Hour Drama for Cable Television

    2050. The United States is unraveling, torn apart by civil war and environmental calamity. In Los Angeles, Maria survives by running the black market pharmaceutical trade. Yet every move she makes pushes her into the crosshairs of the powers vying for control of the West, forcing her to make impossible choices. She’ll emerge either as humanity’s savior, or its doom.


  • Bad Impulse

    Feature Screenplay

    Supernatural Thriller

    In the aftermath of a traumatic event, a suburban husband and father buys a cutting edge home security system, only to find it slowly destroys that which he most wants to protect.


  • Erotomania: A Romance

    Feature Screenplay (with co-writer Greg Levins)

    Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Francis Levy

    Dark Romantic Comedy

    Sex addict James Moran met his match in Monica Cole, a sex addict herself who brings a chemistry so powerful that neither of them can return to their freewheeling ways. But when their connection leaves James wanting something more, he must do whatever it takes to make monogamy work, even if it means embracing all of her deviant desires and addictions.

  • Neli’s Big Adventure

    Multimedia/Multiplatform Storytelling & Social Activism

    “The true story of a small dog overlanding Mexico and Central America.”

    NELI’S BIG ADVENTURE is a multimedia travel, art and volunteering project. Chunky Baby Productions’ own Victoria Palmer, Jason Chase Tyrrell and their Chihuahua mix Neli will leave from Venice, California on October 1st, 2013 and drive down the Pan American Highway. Over six months and 5,000+ miles, the Adventurers will visit Mexico and Central America, contributing time, money and passion to animal rescue and children’s organizations.

    The goal for NELI’S BIG ADVENTURE is to pair artistic expression with social activism that makes a difference for individuals and communities in need. During the journey the Adventurers will regularly update their official website, which will act as the foundation for a series of animated children’s films focused on travel, cultural diversity and the importance of animal rescue. At least one of the screenplays will be written in transit. In addition, the Adventurers will be taking thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of HD video, which will become the raw materials for a series of short documentaries and a coffee table photo book. Neli will emerge as a fun and relatable character, the voice behind the website and Twitter feeds and the hero of a children’s book that will be written after the journey is complete.

    Please visit the official Neli’s Big Adventure website for more information, and follow along with the journey on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Rainbow Snake Dreaming

    Feature Screenplay


    Six friends make the last stop of their round-the-world trip in Australia, in search of an authentic outback experience. But when they stumble upon the home of an ancient, vengeful spirit, the secrets they’re keeping from each other and themselves are revealed, causing deep rifts in the group. Stranded and running out of supplies, they’re forced to face the ugliness of their actions and reconcile their feelings of lust, greed, fear, deceit and love, or their personal demons and the malevolent indigenous power will lead them hurtling towards their own destruction.