• Hello Herman

    Chunky Baby Productions was hired by Santa Monica-based production company All In Films to orchestrate and execute a distribution plan for HELLO HERMAN, directed by Michelle Danner (“How to Go Out On a Date in Queens”), written by award-winning playwright/actor John Buffalo Mailer and starring Norman Reedus (AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS).


    The result was an expansive day-and-date North American release, which featured a fifteen market theatrical launch (anchored by New York and Los Angeles screenings) and a simultaneous internet/cable VOD release in 100+ million homes. Chunky Baby’s Jason Chase Tyrrell brought in partners including Freestyle Releasing (theatrical), Gravitas Ventures (digital) and Passion River Films (home video), and continues to work alongside All In Films on international distribution and all remaining ancillary market releases.

  • Sugar

    Based on true events, SUGAR  is the story of a young girl with a troubled past trying to survive on the streets of Venice Beach. Sugar (Shenae Grimes, “90210″) suffers from PTSD after losing her entire family in a horrific car crash. She survives with her group of outcast friends, all trying to find their own place in the world. Like so many homeless youth, Sugar is running from the pain of her past and will do anything to escape it. However with the help of Bishop, her counselor in the youth shelter, she is able to reconnect with her uncle who has been searching for her. Sugar’s new world starts to crumble when forced to confront the demons she’s run from for the last two years. SUGAR is an all too common story of a troubled youth learning how to stop hiding, and to start healing. CBP was hired by Los Angeles management, production and distribution company Traverse Media to orchestrate the release of the film.