• Script Writing

    Jason Chase Tyrrell has been writing short and feature length screenplays for the past eighteen years. His original scripts are now collected under the CBP banner. If pushed to put that work in a box, Jason would say his focus is “elevated genre” projects. In other words, he puts multi-dimensional, fully-realized characters into surprising, severe and unexpected situations, where they must deal with the highest stakes of their lives. It’s the perfect marriage of independent film sensibilities (strong character and dialogue) with high-concept, blockbuster-inspired scenarios. His go-to genres are horror, thriller, science fiction and fantasy, but he loves to constantly push himself in new directions. A writer writes, and the genre doesn’t really matter. In the end it’s all about telling stories that transport the audience, disposing of their daily concerns for two hours in favor of seeing themselves within the characters that inhabit the myriad worlds of Jason’s imagination.

  • Script Editing

    You know you’ve got a winning concept, and the passion to do whatever it takes to see it become a successful film. But you also know you don’t have the screenwriting experience that it will take to turn that brilliant concept into a genius script. This is where CBP comes in. Jason has been working with independent producers and production companies for the past several years, helping to turn figurative lumps of coal into diamonds. From a page one rewrite to the final polish before a screenplay goes out to talent and investors, Team CBP is happy to fill whatever gap is missing between your dreams and reality. Contact us to discuss your project today!

    Here are some quotes from producers who have worked with Jason as a script editor or additional screenwriter:

    “Jason is a talented screenwriter and great collaborator. I hired Jason to help rewrite a script I wrote, and his ability to zero in on the story and bring out its key aspects has been uncanny. He was able to vastly improve the dialogue and beef up the supporting characters as well as augmenting the story arc of the main protagonist. Most of all, he is a joy to work with… not letting his ego get in the way of the project and responding well to notes and opinions. I would highly recommend Jason to other colleagues! Can’t wait to work with Jason again on another script!” – Chris E.

    “Simply put – I came to Jason with a story idea and he had the script done in a week and understood perfectly what I wanted and needed. He is a very creative and wonderful writer and I highly recommend him for any writing project.” – Nancy S.

    “Jason was phenomenal when I hired him to do an edit on my feature script. Jason’s expertise, constant communication, and impeccable skills made my script much stronger, and I would not hesitate to hire him again in the future. His versatility and dedication to his craft is truly remarkable, and the quality he strives for is only surpassed by the finished product.” – David P.

  • Coverage

    There is nothing more crucial for a writer or producer to further the development of a screenplay than professional coverage. However, this is often one of the hardest things to secure. Readers within studios and production companies are often looking for any excuse to say ‘no’, and aren’t at all invested in providing you with the type of constructive criticism that makes a difference. Festivals and private companies that offer paid coverage services are often pushing through the process at lightning speeds, and you have no guarantee that the people doing the reading are properly qualified. So what’s the alternative?

    Jason and Team CBP have worked within Development, Production, Marketing and Distribution on films that have enjoyed international success, and can provide coverage on your script from any one of those perspectives. Chunky Baby Productions’ coverage service is fast, affordable and fully tailored to your needs. Looking for feedback specifically on the dialogue? Want to know how to make your script more marketable? Interested in simplifying production with a particular budget in mind? Team CBP can deliver coverage services designed to get you to that next level, whatever your goals may be. Don’t burn that production company bridge you’ve been working for months to build without first making sure your script is ready! Contact us today for pricing and more information.

  • Development/Packaging

    Once you have a solid screenplay on your hands, it’s time to turn your attention towards attractive investors, co-producers and collaborators. The script may speak for itself, but once you’ve got them hooked you have to prove you can actually turn that screenplay into a film. This is where the true development work must be done.

    Chunky Baby Productions works with producers to develop all of the materials you will need to go out, find funding and package your film. It all starts with an attractive and compelling project proposal, the creative brief that draws readers in to your vision for the project. The well-crafted proposal will also include a full script breakdown and a first pass budget, proving you’ve covered the business side of this project and know how to deliver the completed film on time and within budgetary limits.

    Jason and Team CBP can help you:

    • Design and execute a visually striking and compelling project proposal
    • Determine the proper budgetary range for your project, and how to go about securing funds
    • Generate a list of ‘comp’ films, and a pool of actors to approach for all key roles
    • Break down the script to provide you with a preliminary shooting schedule
    • Craft a list of producers, sales agents, casting directors and line producers to approach
    • Create the professional feel necessary to be taken seriously in the industry, by bringing your project under the Chunky Baby Productions umbrella. This includes access to a CBP email, discounted legal services and protection under the company’s LLC agreement

    Please Contact Us for further information and sample project proposals.


  • Marketing/Distribution Assessment

    These days it simply isn’t enough to have a great script. Your polished screenplay is just the starting point, and you must add to your toolkit a thorough knowledge of your audience and a deep understanding of how to reach them. That’s where CBP’s Marketing & Distribution Assessment comes into play.

    Jason and Team CBP will take whatever elements you have in place and craft a breakdown of the main market niche(s) for your film, as well as how to effectively reach them. This simple document will provide you with the ammunition you’ll need when speaking to investors and production partners. You’ll be able to explain in detail WHO the market is for your film, WHAT other films like yours they have supported, WHERE to find this audience during your project’s production and release, WHEN would be the perfect time to put out your film theatrically and in all other ancillary distribution windows and WHY your film will be profitable when so many others fall flat. Having led the distribution team for more than 150 independent films, Jason keenly understands the current entertainment marketplace, and the crucial role this assessment will play in your future success or failure.

    Contact us today for rates and further details.

  • Distribution Consulting

    Chunky Baby Productions’ Distribution Consulting is for those writers, directors and producers who want a true partner, invested in turning their spec project or recently wrapped film into a critical and commercial success. With years of distribution experience, Jason has a keen understanding of the entire process, from securing the media assets on set you’ll need for international distribution, through crafting a strategic festival rollout and locking in the best distribution deal for the project and its investors. The commitment is to see your film reach the largest possible audience, but the specific goals are always tailored to your team’s expectations.

    Together with CBP’s Distribution Consulting Services, you can expect to:

    • Develop a following for your film while it is still in production
    • Craft a festival strategy that includes visibility in key markets, quality reviews and the chance to be seen by decision-makers in distribution
    • Organize a holistic, DIWO (Do-It-With-Others) distribution strategy that analyzes the risks and rewards of each step along the way
    • Get the best possible deals from professional companies that serve projects just like yours
    • Continue assessing the overall strategy at every step along the way, so you can adjust when necessary
    • Be in the best possible position to secure an all-rights distribution deal, if that is your goal
    • Generate a vibrant social media following that translates into transactions
    • Keep your investors involved but unconcerned, with the knowledge that you have a well-crafted plan in place and the team to execute it successfully

    CBP’s consultancy can be structured on an hourly or per project basis. Contact us today for more information.