• The Manifested

    Feature in Pre-Production
    Supernatural Thriller
    Directed by ELEW
    Written by Jason Chase Tyrrell
    Starring Spencer Locke, Julia Voth and Logan Huffman

    When an aspiring ballet dancer recovering from an injury overhears an exorcism in the church that shares a wall with her bedroom, she inadvertently invites an evil entity into her life.

  • Ghost House

    Horror/Thriller in Post Production
    Directed by Rich Ragsdale
    Feature Screenplay co-written by Jason Chase Tyrrell
    Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, James Landry Hebert, and Mark Boone Junior.
    Est. Completion: Spring 2016


  • Bionique


    Science Fiction/Action

    In the spirit of 24 and Heroes, BIONIQUE follows a group of computer savvy orphans in their early twenties who become human targets when it’s discovered that they were part of an experimental HIV treatment in their childhood. The treatment worked, but it also left them with very unusual side effects… superpowers.

  • The Bride of El Charro

    Feature Screenplay/Script Edit


    Maria rots away in a mental institution for the criminally insane, wrongly accused of the grisly murders of her friends, crimes actually committed by her demonic tormentor, El Charro, who haunts her dreams with the promise of damnation. Aided to escape with the kind but conflicted Father Carlos, Maria heads into the desert and towards Mexico, in the hopes of ending her family’s curse once and for all.

  • Loophole

    Feature Screenplay/Script Edit


    A group of obsessed, blue collar football fans discover a loophole that allows teams to remove players who suffer career-ending injuries off the field from their salary cap. Fed up with the constant losing, they concoct a plan to injure their team’s most overpaid, underachieving players to help Detroit return to playoff glory, and end up losing their humanity in the process.

  • The Weight of Blood & Bones

    Feature Screenplay
    Written by Jason Chase Tyrrell & Chris Ekstein
    Directed by Chris Ekstein

    Buck Duane is the last in a line of gunslingers and vigilantes, and must battle to clear his name while he’s hunted by a brutal outlaw gang and the Texas Rangers.

    Our short film by the same name stars Jason Patric, Danny Trejo, Rose McGowan, Mark Boone Jr., and Marissa Coughlan, and premiered at the 2015 Palm Springs International ShortsFest. It was an opening night selection at the 2015 Hollyshorts Film Festival, and won three awards at Action On Film, including Best Western, and Best Actor (Jason Patric).

    The feature screenplay is currently in development, with Market Street Productions and KNR Productions. More details available on IMDb.