• Coverage

    There is nothing more crucial for a writer or producer to further the development of a screenplay than professional coverage. However, this is often one of the hardest things to secure. Readers within studios and production companies are often looking for any excuse to say ‘no’, and aren’t at all invested in providing you with the type of constructive criticism that makes a difference. Festivals and private companies that offer paid coverage services are often pushing through the process at lightning speeds, and you have no guarantee that the people doing the reading are properly qualified. So what’s the alternative?

    Jason and Team CBP have worked within Development, Production, Marketing and Distribution on films that have enjoyed international success, and can provide coverage on your script from any one of those perspectives. Chunky Baby Productions’ coverage service is fast, affordable and fully tailored to your needs. Looking for feedback specifically on the dialogue? Want to know how to make your script more marketable? Interested in simplifying production with a particular budget in mind? Team CBP can deliver coverage services designed to get you to that next level, whatever your goals may be. Don’t burn that production company bridge you’ve been working for months to build without first making sure your script is ready! Contact us today for pricing and more information.