• Development/Packaging

    Once you have a solid screenplay on your hands, it’s time to turn your attention towards attractive investors, co-producers and collaborators. The script may speak for itself, but once you’ve got them hooked you have to prove you can actually turn that screenplay into a film. This is where the true development work must be done.

    Chunky Baby Productions works with producers to develop all of the materials you will need to go out, find funding and package your film. It all starts with an attractive and compelling project proposal, the creative brief that draws readers in to your vision for the project. The well-crafted proposal will also include a full script breakdown and a first pass budget, proving you’ve covered the business side of this project and know how to deliver the completed film on time and within budgetary limits.

    Jason and Team CBP can help you:

    • Design and execute a visually striking and compelling project proposal
    • Determine the proper budgetary range for your project, and how to go about securing funds
    • Generate a list of ‘comp’ films, and a pool of actors to approach for all key roles
    • Break down the script to provide you with a preliminary shooting schedule
    • Craft a list of producers, sales agents, casting directors and line producers to approach
    • Create the professional feel necessary to be taken seriously in the industry, by bringing your project under the Chunky Baby Productions umbrella. This includes access to a CBP email, discounted legal services and protection under the company’s LLC agreement

    Please Contact Us for further information and sample project proposals.