• Marketing/Distribution Assessment

    These days it simply isn’t enough to have a great script. Your polished screenplay is just the starting point, and you must add to your toolkit a thorough knowledge of your audience and a deep understanding of how to reach them. That’s where CBP’s Marketing & Distribution Assessment comes into play.

    Jason and Team CBP will take whatever elements you have in place and craft a breakdown of the main market niche(s) for your film, as well as how to effectively reach them. This simple document will provide you with the ammunition you’ll need when speaking to investors and production partners. You’ll be able to explain in detail WHO the market is for your film, WHAT other films like yours they have supported, WHERE to find this audience during your project’s production and release, WHEN would be the perfect time to put out your film theatrically and in all other ancillary distribution windows and WHY your film will be profitable when so many others fall flat. Having led the distribution team for more than 150 independent films, Jason keenly understands the current entertainment marketplace, and the crucial role this assessment will play in your future success or failure.

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