• Script Editing

    You know you’ve got a winning concept, and the passion to do whatever it takes to see it become a successful film. But you also know you don’t have the screenwriting experience that it will take to turn that brilliant concept into a genius script. This is where CBP comes in. Jason has been working with independent producers and production companies for the past several years, helping to turn figurative lumps of coal into diamonds. From a page one rewrite to the final polish before a screenplay goes out to talent and investors, Team CBP is happy to fill whatever gap is missing between your dreams and reality. Contact us to discuss your project today!

    Here are some quotes from producers who have worked with Jason as a script editor or additional screenwriter:

    “Jason is a talented screenwriter and great collaborator. I hired Jason to help rewrite a script I wrote, and his ability to zero in on the story and bring out its key aspects has been uncanny. He was able to vastly improve the dialogue and beef up the supporting characters as well as augmenting the story arc of the main protagonist. Most of all, he is a joy to work with… not letting his ego get in the way of the project and responding well to notes and opinions. I would highly recommend Jason to other colleagues! Can’t wait to work with Jason again on another script!” – Chris E.

    “Simply put – I came to Jason with a story idea and he had the script done in a week and understood perfectly what I wanted and needed. He is a very creative and wonderful writer and I highly recommend him for any writing project.” – Nancy S.

    “Jason was phenomenal when I hired him to do an edit on my feature script. Jason’s expertise, constant communication, and impeccable skills made my script much stronger, and I would not hesitate to hire him again in the future. His versatility and dedication to his craft is truly remarkable, and the quality he strives for is only surpassed by the finished product.” – David P.