• Script Writing

    Jason Chase Tyrrell has been writing short and feature length screenplays for the past eighteen years. His original scripts are now collected under the CBP banner. If pushed to put that work in a box, Jason would say his focus is “elevated genre” projects. In other words, he puts multi-dimensional, fully-realized characters into surprising, severe and unexpected situations, where they must deal with the highest stakes of their lives. It’s the perfect marriage of independent film sensibilities (strong character and dialogue) with high-concept, blockbuster-inspired scenarios. His go-to genres are horror, thriller, science fiction and fantasy, but he loves to constantly push himself in new directions. A writer writes, and the genre doesn’t really matter. In the end it’s all about telling stories that transport the audience, disposing of their daily concerns for two hours in favor of seeing themselves within the characters that inhabit the myriad worlds of Jason’s imagination.